the beginning

I made a Facebook post today listing the books I read in 2018 -- 40 total. I didn't set a goal at the beginning of 2018 to read a lot of books -- it just happened. But, I intend to have a goal for 2019 to make more notes on my books because, surprisingly, people on Facebook had questions for me about the books -- how to choose, procurement methods, reading strategies, etc.

Welcome to place you will find information on the books I'm reading -- my thoughts, major impressions, take-aways, maybe even why I decided to quit reading a certain book (I need to work on that). Don't expect full-blown book reviews -- I'm not that kind of reader. I am sure I miss major themes and theses, and I even forget characters' names at times.

Things to note:
-I often read books with a friend, and those will be labeled "book club"
-I am only an amateur fiction reader and have enjoyed non-fiction more throughout my life
-I am open for recommendations, and I keep a list, but I may not ever get to them

This blog is mostly for myself -- to remember what I've read and be able to refer to it easily, but if you're interested, feel free to follow along.

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