Follow the Leader

Various challenges at school have prompted my kids to do quite a lot of reading lately. It started with the local library hosting a Battle of the Books challenge for fourth graders. My son's school decided to assemble a team. As part of this challenge, he was given a list of books to read, all of which were out of his comfort zone. Prior to that time, he only liked to read non-fiction books -- Guinness record books, books about caves, Weird But True books, etc. During his preparation for the challenge, he read and re-read the five recommended books and even talked to me about them.

Later, the library hosted a Family Battle of the Books, but we were not able to participate due to travel plans. However, we decided to read one of the books -- Because of Mr. Terupt. What a good book, and good material for kids to read and process.

The book is written from the perspective of several kids in Mr. Terupt's class. Each student has some issues to work through, sometimes with family and sometimes with each other. The book takes us through the meaningful ways in which Mr. Terupt is able to see to the heart of the problems and help them work through their issues.

Lots of things to process and heal -- family grudges, bullying, resistance. I am so glad that I decided to read this since discussing these issues with the kids will come easier in fictional character form. Even if they haven't experienced these issues so far, it will be helpful for them to have this book under their belts as a vantage point for how typical childhood issues may play out in their lives and in the lives of their friends and classmates.

I hope to continue to follow my kids as they lead me toward good book recommendations. By the way, my son's class won the Battle of the Books.

For those keeping track:
-I got this book from Marion Public Library
-This book was recommended by my son

don't say it

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