Thrillers -- Not My Thing

When it comes to television shows and movies, I like thrillers. Not horror; that is totally different. Thrillers are usually focused on some psychological torment of the main character. I haven't read very many thriller books, and maybe this was just the wrong one.

Just One Look by Harlan Coben was a book I stumbled upon on Facebook where some mutual friends of mine were discussing the book. It wasn't directly recommended to me; I picked it up because their discussion about it was interesting to me.

The story centers around a woman who had been injured at a stampede at a rock concert a few years earlier. After her husband disappears, we realize that nearly all of the major players have something to do with this concert. As events transpire, the reader follows her struggle to put all of the pieces together while questioning the meaning of it all.

In my opinion, this book was mostly keeping track of one character after another, and in the end, I finished it, but I didn't really care.

don't say it

Do you know the feeling of being aware of something that you can't tell anyone? Not that you can't express it -- the words are there...